Kenny Chesney's hurricane relief fund

Kenny Chesney LOVES the islands! Sadly the US and British Virgin Islands took a big hit from Hurricane Irma and Kenny has vowed to help the people of the area rebuild. He released this statement:                                                                               

“A lot of lives have been turned upside down. A lot of people have been displaced, a lot of people are frustrated, a lot of people are scared. There’s a lot of chaos on the island. There’s not a lot of order on the island. It’s really scary down there right now. And as you can probably hear in my voice I’ve got a lot of anxiety over the situation.  I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that has donated to the Love For Love City Foundation because it’s going to help feed a lot of people. It’s going to help take supplies down to the island and it’s hopefully going to help things has time goes on.”

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Click HERE to buy merchandise created to raise money 

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