Wanna get a summer body like Carrie??

It's that time of year! Megaticket is announced, and you're already thinking about getting ready to wear your Daisy Dukes to Luke Bryan on May 13th!

Love this behind-the-scenes shot from our last @caliabycarrie shoot! I've been working on my arms a lot more this year...loving the progress! I figure my son is only going to get bigger and I want to be able to pick him up and haul him around for as long as I can!!! #staythepath #strongmom #findyourmotivation

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Carrie Underwood stopped in to visit Cosmopolitan and gave them a full break down of her day to day routine as well as some recipes and tips for workouts you can do at home! 

In honor of #canadianthanksgiving @eveoverlandfitness came up with this as a finisher to our workout. It was meant to be done 10 times (10 reps of each exercise), but we only made it to 6 because I ran out of time (and 2 hours of working out is enough). I love that it's "Tofurkey" and the last one is "Yay burpees!" Nobody ever says "Yay burpees!" 😂 #StayThePath

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She talks about keeping a food journal, and how its helped her to stay on track. 

To check out the full article (and snag some tips for yourself) Visit Cosmopolitan's article HERE


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