In my experience, a Heart Dog is one that you 'click' with, there seems to be a deeper level of understanding between you, sort of like a canine soul mate I guess. I never really knew what it all meant until my husband and I adopted our second Shiba Inu, Barbie.. she was a very timid little girl, afraid of people and just sort of 'there', no real zest for life.  That all changed within six months and she blossomed into the bold, brave, funny little Shiba she was meant to be, and she and I had a bond that I've never experienced with a dog before.  It's not that I loved her more than my other dogs, it's just that we had something different..


Photo credit: Wendy Steele, WWYZ

When she passed unexpectedly, a part of me died too.  These are some of the things that made her so special..

I miss seeing her in her favorite places, her perch at the top of the stairs, and her perch at the top of the deck stairs so she could survey her yard.. 'Her Chair' which I sit in now to feel close to her.. Her place on the floor by the bottom of the bed, so I would have to pay attention to her when I was making the bed every morning..

I miss how she would 'burp' after her meals.. Sometimes walking right up and look you right in the face and then 'belch'! Her little 'yawn' when she was sitting by the back door, just a quick, high pitched yawn.. Saying 'hey you' let me out!

She loved her 'babies' too, just a few special toys that she would carry around, whining.. How she would stick her nose in Caleb's fur, just to smell him I think, or to let him know she loved him.. How good she was with JoJo, we called her Zen Barbie, and how she was Rosie's buddy, showing her the ropes.. She always slept downstairs to watch over them..

Her 'sneezes' in the middle of the night to let you know she was there.. How she would always come to check on me when I coughed or sneezed, I'd have to tell her I'm ok Barbs, just a cough or sneeze.. But she would stand and stare at me to be sure..

If you said 'Barbie come' she would run to be at your side, even from her favorite place, the backyard. Pretty much 99.9% of the time, not bad for a Shiba.. Her happy yips when it was walk time.. Her wriggling around when dad Terry was trying to put his shoes she would be so happy to see me join everyone for a walk, usually only on weekends because of work, she loved it when the whole pack could walk together.

How she would drive us crazy in the car when we went on a pack drive or to a Meetup, panting and going from window to window, she just couldn't contain herself.. And on the way home she would snuggle down behind Terry's seat.. How she would stand between us looking out the front windshield, and even join Caleb there sometimes..

How she would be the first to say hi to me when I came home from work.. Her pretty tail with it's slow wag.. Our blueberry game, I would share them with her but would have to roll them so she could 'catch' them.. How once in a while I could hug her and I would catch her giving me a little kiss on my hand.. She wasn't a cuddler so I knew those were special kisses.. She gave me one the night before she passed.

And how she would sit next to the chair or couch in just the right spot so I could rub her shoulders.. And her belly rubs, how she loved them! I don't want to forget her specialness..

How I miss you my Button, my Barbie.. My heart dog.

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