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Guy Demonstrates 100 Ways To Walk


Wendy is a native New Englander, born in Lynn, Massachusetts, before her family moved to Canterbury, New Hampshire (waaaayyyy out in the woods!) which is probably why she loves the country lifestyle and music so much!She fell in love with the radio business in high school, and had a summer job at a small town station in Franklin, NH. At college in Boston is where she got her start on the air, but she finally found her niche over 20 years ago here at Country 92-5.When Wendy isn’t on-air or doing some of the many behind the scenes stuff at the radio station, she’s usually at the barn with her rescue Mustang Suzy Q, walking at one of Connecticut’s state parks with her husband Terry and their adopted Shiba Inus, or sharing pics and videos on facebook, twitter & Instagram!


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