On Friday the 13th, my husband and I lost one of our rescue Shibas, Barbie, very unexpectedly.  She seemed to be in perfect health, had been to the vet twice for her checkup and full senior panel, and once before in December for a digestive issue.  Within an hour that Friday morning, she was gone.  I am still trying to deal with her loss, and am having some trouble, so any advice on how to move past this to come to some acceptance is welcome..

I would like to thank Pieper Memorial in Middletown for trying so hard to save her life, and for being so kind and gentle with us, when we couldn't make that final difficult decision.  In the end, Barbie made it for us as she slipped away. And also thank you to our loving regular vet, Dr. Stone in Watertown, for calling that evening and explaining that this was something beyond anyone's control, and was no one's fault.  It was just her time to go.  

So I hope you enjoy this video, she was a wonderful, sweet little dog, who had a tough start in life but learned to be the happy go lucky Shiba she was meant to be.  We love you Barbie, thank you for all of the smiles you gave us over the last 6 years, we will never forget you.


Photo credits: Wendy Steele, WWYZ

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