Watch the broom closest to the door, the handle was swaying for about a minute or two.. there was NO draft.

Photo credit: Wendy Steele, WWYZ

A little more about why we think it's her spirit in the video: we gave a couple of her blankets to one of the other horses, Lady, and they are draped over the blanket bar in front of her stall.. every once in a while, someone will find them on the ground, for no reason, mostly the one that has Dolly's name embroidered on it. It happened again last night, right after the video of the broom swaying was taken. And, I gave one of the other girls at the barn one of Dolly's halters, she had her keys on a hook right next to it, and those keys were also swaying. The barn was all closed up for the night, there was NO wind or draft.. another lady, who had never met Dolly and didn't know us, when she first moved her horse to the barn, saw a dark horse galloping the fence line where Dolly (and my Cindy) were turned out every day. There were no horses turned out at the time.. later, after we got to know her, we were showing her pictures of Dolly and she couldn't believe it, but she said that's the horse I saw galloping that day! So, it's our feeling that Dolly is still at the barn in spirit, watching over all of the horses, as she was the 'boss mare' lol and loved to 'rule' everyone else.. she had a very strong personality, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if she's still making sure everyone's staying in line.. can you see the orbs in the video too? They are clearer in the actual phone video, maybe lost a little after transferring to youtube. Let me know your thoughts by COMMENTING below.. it's ok if you think I'm crazy, because I am actually haha!

** UPDATE ** We now know that there is another spirit at the barn, it's not just my horse Dolly or our pony Cindy.. more to come soon. To protect some of those involved, I can't say more at this time.

AND THIS HAPPENED JUST LAST NIGHT! The same broom, in a slightly different location, NO drafts or wind since the barn was closed up tight for the night..

Here's a pic of me with my beloved Dolly..