A lot of us who board horses there think YES!  We're having the Ghost Hunters Guild out on Saturday night to do some investigating.. but this little 'note' appeared on the work computer screen of one of the other boarders at the barn. 

We are pretty sure my horse Dolly (who passed away last year) and my pony Cindy who we also lost last year, have been visiting our new rescue Suzy..

Now, a little explanation, this lady was talking to someone at work, glanced up at her computer, saw this and promptly FREAKED out and texted me a screenshot.  My husband and I were just leaving the barn for the night.  No one at her work knows the story of what's been happening at the barn, so it wasn't someone trying to play a joke on her. 

Is this the strangest thing ever??? 

For the first video and details on what's been going on, click HERE and there's another video HEREThese videos were taken from the barn's security camera, you can watch them all below too. 

I'll keep you posted on what happens after Saturday night!  If you've ever experienced anything like this, please let me know in the COMMENTS below..

- Wendy 

Here's one of the latest videos, taken early in the morning when it was still dark, in the area where my new rescue horse is.. we think it's Dolly & Cindy checking in with Suzy.  The other videos follow, this one and the next were taken from the barn's security camera, which only records when there's movement (motion detector)

Here are some photos from Saturday night, showing The Ghost Hunter's Guild as they setup their equipment, and one screenshot from the barn's security camera.