A lot of people think because I own a horse, that I'll be watching the Kentucky Derby.  I won't.  I just don't want to support horse racing anymore.  I've heard too many horror stories of what happens to SO many racehorses when they can't make the big bucks expected of them, and even when they DO make a lot of money, if they're injured, they can be sold and end up at slaughter.. like this horse, one of Secretariat's grandsons, saved literally minutes from slaughter.

And here's a story of one guy's attempt to make a difference, he's a Hollywood billionaire who's dying of cancer and wanted to save a racehorse that was in trouble, and shed light on the not so glamourous world of horse racing. Click HERE to see the video. 

I'm not telling you what to think or not think, or whether you should enjoy the race or not, just telling you why I won't be watching. I hope the racing industry will change. - Wendy

 Photo credit: Youtube screenshot