This review of Sara's new album cover caught our attention, and made us chuckle.

"Sara Evans describes her new album as confident and sexy. I believe that’s what she was going for with the cover. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off the mark. Confident and sexy would be the photos included with her greatest hits package. Those photos are classy, and an unproven cure for erectile dysfunction. The new album cover begs the question: “Where’s the pole?”

For a 43-year-old mother of 3 she’s certainly got the goods. But does she know her audience? Clearly not. Her music is supposed to target 30-40 year old soccer moms. Most of them feel pretty good, sexy and confident even, in yoga pants and workout to look good in them too. But they don't pull off the oiled-legs in "daisy dukes" look. And they shouldn't.

There are much classier, less awkward ways to show off said goods. I’m not sure what this pose is called, but for the sake of this rant, let’s give it a name. How about ‘the clock strikes dat azz’ pose?

This isn't the look she should be going for to relate to her audience. She does actually have it half right. If she just removed her hand from her head, and looked at the camera with a smile or playful laugh.

While we’re tearing the cover apart, can I say something about the giant old, roman numeral clock? It stinks. We’re not under the rule of Caesar, so please swap it out for an iPhone? Since that’s how we actually get the time.

Sex does sell records, Sara Evans. But ‘the clock strikes dat azz pose’ is not sexy. It’s dirty and reminds me of cheap smelling cologne and an all you can eat buffet at a gentlemen’s club."

Used with permission from NashvilleGab

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