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The Dab.. is dead

The "dab" may officially be over as Bruce Springsteen decided to "dab" at a show last night...  
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50 Cent makes fun of disabled teen

This isn't the first time that 50 cent made fun of someone with a disability. This video is from over the weekend in Cincinatti, Ohio.
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Guy Grabs Womans Butt, Gets Attacked By Women On Bus! (VIDEO)

Well this is one way to tell him HANDS OFF!
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Mom Leaves baby in car while she shops at Gamestop

Are you serious? This is starting again this year?
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Couple Handcuffed together for 24 hours

Question: Could you be hand cuffed to your partner for 24 hours? I think for most it would end in divorce or a breakup!
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Honey BooBoo grew up and looks ENTIRELY different

t has been a while since we have seen Honey Boo Boo.. she has been making her rounds on various day time TV shows. This is a EYE opening video of a intervention.
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Least Sexy Male Names Revealed

Do you know someone with one of these names?
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Woman drops toddler on it's head to fight!

This video makes my stomach upset. There is not much back story yet, but this disturbing video of one mother dumping water on another mothers head as she walked out of a childs play area at the...
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WATCH: That Time Prince Walked Out On The View

There are so many examples of Prince being the most effortlessly cool person in any room he was in, but here's one from 2010 when he made a surprise appearance on The View.
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Lady LOST her mind when her grocery store was remodeled.

This lady has completely lost it after her local grocery store did a remodel. She compares it to the walking dead! I challenge you to follow along with this insanity!
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