What the hell is going on in Bristol?

We all know times have changed.

Kids needed extra help now have No Child Left Behind

Common school work has turned to Common Core

Fire drills have turned to lockdown drills.

Our idea of school pranks were to put the chalk in the eraser (of course kids have smart boards today so no chalk)

Today’s kids idea of a school prank is a bomb threat.

In Bristol alone in the last 10 days, there were 8 threats…and three arrests. A 13-year-old and two-10-year-old girls! What on God’s green Earth makes a kid who should be playing with My Little Pony think it’s ok to threaten fellow students and teachers, unleashing a police department in full force and causing a lockdown of a school and a neighborhood, sending petrifying fear into parents and students alike.

Didn’t anyone explain what happened in Newtown to them?

Maybe they need an explanation of what a “joke” actually is

If it involves the police, it’s not funny. If it involves a lockdown and your class having to hide in a closet, it’s not funny.

If you think they won’t find out who played the joke, who pulled the prank, you’re wrong.

Take your tweens and teens and tell them the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf”…one too many times, and no one will come next time. Next time, when some idiot makes it real, they won’t come when they should…and you, Little Prankster, will be the one to blame.

How do you work that into a plan for your future? Good Luck…