Listener Nick sent this to us...

EAST HAVEN Middle School (Connecticut) door Wide Open!!!!!

I went to pick to pick up my daughter today and wanted to prove a point that our School children are vulnerable. I parked in the Fire Lane directly in front of the school so I can be seen. I hid my cell phone in my empty coffee cup and proceeded to the front door. Which was Wide open with no staff around.

It took me 43 seconds to walk to the front door. There was a Buzzer. But no cameras. So I walked into the building. There was no one to challenge me. And no one in the office came out to ask me who I was, or what I was there for.

I was in the front Fourier for over 28 seconds in which there were 6 school children doing work at a desk in the middle of the hallway. Again!! No teachers or staff to be found. They even said hello to me.

I walked into the office and there were two staff members bickering over a parent right in front of me and continued to argue. It took 32 seconds before anyone acknowledged me and asked me if the could help me. A matter of fact they weren't even looking or paying much attention to me.

They finally asked me if they could help me. I told them I was there to pick up my daughter. They did not ask who I was nor did they ask for an I'd. I even offered to sign her out. I was in the office for a total of 1 minute and 12 seconds.

I exited the office to wait for my daughter and continued to walk the front forier . I could of walked away and continue throughout the building without being challenged. I was in the front for a total of 3 minutes and 14 seconds before my daughter finally showed up. All in all I was in the school close to 10 mins.

No one is paying attention. The children in our schools are at risk. I can walk into any school in CT. Cameras and buzzers do nothing to protect our children. Especially doors that are wide open. I could of easily abducted a child.

My father is headed to the Clintonville Elementary school in North Haven to attend a parent teacher meeting tonight. He is going to try to explain that our schools are unsafe. They are only going to give him 3 mins to talk. When i was allowed 10 mins to roam free among school students do over 10 mins.

Parents are in denial and brainwashed by local Media and politicians. What's it going to take?? Another massacre? Its going to happen again. The question is WHEN!! and WHERE!!


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