Someone criticized Kip Moore for doing a free show at a frat house, and that set him off.

Due to the 140 character rule on Twitter, the rant was spread out over several tweets. For your convience, we went ahead and put it all together for you. Here's what he said...

"I try not to waste my time on negative people that say dumb sh*t but in regards to the idiot last night and for anyone else who wants to bitch about us playing post show jam sessions for OUR fans we don't care what u think. We play for all walks of life creed and color and we will continue.. We play for children's hospitals, troops, charities etc that's never seen. If we choose to hang w a frat house that came To our original show and hang again w them after then that's what we'll do. We don't play at an old folks home cause they wouldn't give a damn about us being there and would prolly asked us to turn it DOWN! We'll do us and u do u. To the fans..appreciate the support c ya soon."


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