HH=Hunter Hayes

BW: Looking back a couple years, you toured with Taylor Swift. Did anything happen between you two? Were you ever romantically involved?

HH: That’s a negative. No, I mean, she was my boss.

BW: Is she your type?

HH: I don’t even know what my type is at this point to be totally honest with you so anything of this would be an unfair statement.

BW: You're single, right?

HH: Yes, I am.  Yeah.

BW: She's 23, you're 21.  She's 5'11" and you're 5'6" though.  That's the only problem I see.

HH: She's way taller than me.  I don't know if those measurements are accurate because I do feel like she is significantly taller than me.

Here's the full interview: