Blake Shelton Will Not Do Any Love Scenes in His Videos
Blake’s marriage played a part in his latest music video for “Sure Be Cool If You Did.” He said, “If you notice, since Miranda & I got married, I haven’t had an intimate scene in a video with me and another girl. But when this video came up, I wondered how I could do this and not be that guy? Then I realized, I could run block for a bunch of other guys! My wife is Miranda Lambert, everyone knows we’re married, and I never felt like there would be a reason for a random love interest in a video. Everyone knows Miranda’s my wife, and I don’t want to go there. So we’re coming up with inventive ways to have pretty girls in my videos and me not having anything to do with it. So we decided I’ll just run block for these other guys, help them get some action, and we’ll high five about it at the end of the video.”

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