Here's Rosie, our fourth adopted Shiba Inu.  She and our first, Caleb, do not get along.. and I'm looking for ideas on how to help them if not love, at least like and tolerate, each other. She and our other female, Barbie, actually do the best together, which is exactly the opposite of how I thought things would go..

Here's my other three, Barbie, Caleb & JoJo.

Photo credits: Wendy Steele, WWYZ

They can all walk together on leash with no issues, they only have problems when they're loose with each other, so Rosie has to be seperated from the rest of the 'pack'.  She also eats everything.. literally, everything, so we're working on that too..

If you've ever had success with this problem, I'd love to hear how you did it. 

Please COMMENT below!  - Wendy