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Bob Delmont

So here is my bio, in case you were interested. I was born in raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Black and gold runs through my veins. My High School was even Black and Gold at North Allegheny! Go Tigers! . Never went to one game, the highlight there was being in a musical. "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Yes i sang.....badly. Why was it the highlight?.....I stole the coat and sold it on E-bay. 50 bucks.I went to I.U.P. college......Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I'd love to say that its a branch campus of I-U but its not. As you know, the town is Indiana, Pa, and if I sent my high school scores to Indiana State they would roll with laughter. I did the college radio thing then my first job in Johnstown, PA. The home of 9 floods. Why people still live there I do not know. Then I came back to Pittsburgh to work at the country station there at night for 5 years. Then 93.1 WPOC in Baltimore since 1999. Now I'm HERE!I love Country music, television and movies. I believe Breaking Bad is the greatest drama ever and Seinfeld the best comedy. I also love my wonderful wife Vikki, I am truly the luckiest.Thanks for listening to me, I need all the help I can get.

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